Quilting Styles

First, all of my quilting is hand guided. I do not use a computerized system.  Basically, there are two types of quilting styles I offer,  Edge to Edge or Custom.

Edge to Edge 
(Pantograph or Freestyle)

This style of quilting is also called all over because the design covers the entire quilt - top to bottom, side to side – or “all over”. There are two styles.


Hand guided designer patterns.

All available designs can be seen HERE.
Pantographs do not include a separate border treatment.


Hand guided free form design such as meandering, loops, swirls, etc – unique to your quilt.

One color of thread is used. Freestyle may have a border at an additional cost.

This is the most economical style of quilting.

Freestyle with a twist:

Hand guided free form design, such as meandering, loops, and swirls. However, with an additional free form design to make your quilt even more unique.

This style does come at an additional cost.

However, it is a more economical than complete custom quilting.

Totally hand guided, relying on the knowledge and skill of the quilter. Uses a variety of techniques and patterns to highlight the uniqueness of your quilt with a light to moderate density.

Up to two thread colors.

Additional thread changes or additional borders will have an additional charge.

Please note: I offer several edge to edge and freestyle allover designs for you to choose from as the most economical quilting service to meet your needs. If you desire custom quilting or heirloom quilting I am assuming you are coming to me for my art and skill as a quilter. We will discuss the density (which affects the price range), thread colors and any specialty design elements I offer, beyond that please recognize that your quilt top then becomes my canvas - in other words, please allow me time to live with your quilt to be inspired as to create the thread play that is needed to complement your piecing and design. It is within this freedom that I do my best work.